Fake Certificates are a nightmare

  • Many legit websites offer reproduction of fake certificates which conforms to certain quality standards
  • Certificates will withstand intense scrutiny when compared to a genuine certificate

Top class digital technology & high grade printers making it easy to regenerate identical look & feel, paper texture with fake holograms. Far reaching spiralling impact on the industry credentials, service quality and could even risk human lives!

What we see today…

  • Ideally we should be in charge of our own credentials, similar to the journeymen carpenters who carry around their books of stamps and references
  • Customarily we rely on third parties, such as universities or employers to store, verify, and validate our credentials
  • Job seekers request official transcripts from their alma maters (and typically pay a small fee), and employers still need to call the university if they want to verify transcripts
  • Resulting in a slow and complicated process, which is one reason why degree fraud is a real issue
  • Schools & Universities are still acting as the sole record keepers for student information. If a student wants to access or share their official records, they have to engage in a slow, complicated, and often expensive process.

QlikCert is certificate credentialing app built on the Qlikchain platform for institutions to store certificates, students to use it as a portable certificate wallet and Verifiers to authenticate real time in a superfast, secure and transparent way. QlikCert can also be used by the online certification authorities like Pearson and Social platforms like LinkedIn to verify certifications posted online. Why only academic credentials? It’s a platform that can be extended to provision immutability and verifiability to any certificates like Health, Immunization, and Property license certificates a well.