Introducing Rapid Blockchain Development Framework

  • Solution Accelerators like Qlikcert, QlikBooks, QlikCoin, QlikSCM
  • Smart Contract Library
  • Domain Specific Use Cases
  • Blockchain Testing Framework
  • Reduced Time & Cost to implement
  • Easier Business Justification & visible ROI
  • Reduced Risk
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While working with clients, Qlikchain has built the following components


QlikCert - QlikCert is a certificate credentialing app built on the Blockchain platform for institutions to issue and store certificates. Individuals can use it as a portable certificate wallet and verifiers from employers to banks can authenticate them real time in a superfast, secure and transparent manner.  

QlikBooks - QlikBooks is an Asset Register on Blockchain which certifies and maintains immutable documents and ledger entries. Any inspection of an asset, be it a property inspected by an assessor or a company verified by an investment banker for valuation, can be made secure, kept accessible only to a few stakeholders and provide audit trail of all the entries.

QlikSCM - QlikSCM, built on Ethereum Smart Contracts and IOT is used for ethical and sustainable sourcing, proactive auditing and finally ensuring authentic data sources. QlikSCM provides exact product sourcing details, audit platform via Blockchain based registry to finally issuing a sustainable dossier for easy verification.


One can play around with the above ready to use components to map most of the Blockchain use cases for various industry segments. All of these solutions have configurable business processes and smart contracts built on Ethereum. For example, we used these components to create, the Talent&Learning Ecosystem. Through ‘Blockchain in a Box’, clients can ‘blockchainise’ their use cases easily with minimal modifications.