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Mint Enterprise Technology Summit @Bangalore

Qlikchain was part of new age Blockchain startups in Mint Enterprise Technology Summit held in Bangalore on 27th September, 2018. Our product Talentchain, was showcased with emphasis on the real world pain points and how With Talentchain™ powered by Blockchain technology, we aim to take the bull by its horn in uprooting the problem from its very source itself.

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Genesis Blockchain Summit @Kolkata

Qlikchain participated in an Enlightening and Open discussion at Genesis Blockchain Summit organized by Department of IT&E, West Bengal, Kolkata about "How to build, survive and scale a pure Blockchain company". Interesting questions were put forth and emphasis was put on actual problem areas and ways to mitigate them.

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TruVito – The Good Blockchain Demo @ The World Startup Factory

Thanks to World Startup Factory, we successfully presented demonstration of, a blockchain based 360 Degree audit platform that enables producers to be solvent and improve sustainability, create trustworthy provenance data that can be shared with auditors and issue certificates for safe consumption. Finally, it closes the loop by enabling investors like banks, insurers, or consumers to own, finance or adopt farm assets via a decentralized marketplace.

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New Business Summit 2018 @World Startup Factory

Launch event of Truvito-The Good Blockchain at New Business Summit of World Startup Factory on 25th January, 2018. Qlikchain had one of the largest number of visitors and everybody resonated with our pitch of sustainability and betterment of the world through Blockchain based sustainable audit platform that can take care of processes in sourcing, production, delivery and waste management.

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TalentChain Press Release and Bengal Global Business Summit
to Jan 17

TalentChain Press Release and Bengal Global Business Summit

On 15th Jan 2018, saw the press coverage of TalentChain, the trusted solution for issuing certified documents on Blockchain by Qlikchain and our partner Adamas Digital. Representatives from eminent newspapers and media houses like AajKal, Bartaman, ETV, KolkataTV etc were present to cover the event. The consecutive day, Qlikchain was part of the IT/startup delegation at the prestigious Bengal Global Business Summit hosted in Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, Kolkata. Apart from TalentChain, we spoke about Bengal’s Blockchain journey by comparing to other countries and how we are moving fast with conviction to become a trendsetter in this domain. For more details please checkout our video

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World Startup Factory - Opening Celebration of Impact Accelerator #3

Qlikchain was proud addition to the World Startup Factory portfolio and was there at the Opening Celebration of Impact Accelerator #3! A great crowd and an invaluable first pitching experience for Qlikchain! Qlikchain did it's Product Pitch on Sustainability,Provenance and Blockchain based Audits and got a number of leads from the audience.

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World Blockchain Summit Dubai
to Oct 25

World Blockchain Summit Dubai

Qlikchain was the proud Pen sponsor for the World Blockchain Summit and also an exhibitor at the prestigious event, endorsed by Smart Dubai and American Blockchain Council. The stall, at the middle of the exhibition space, generated a lot of interest among business & enterprises who wants to secure their confidential documents through Qlikcert.

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