The digital revolution has made life convenient, albeit made us vulnerable to security breaches. From finance to property to services, major parts of our lives rely on easy-to-forge artefacts called paper or digital contracts. We fear to lose our precious credibility certificates during transfers. Companies allocate provisions in their supply chain due to fraud. Trade in counterfeit products of branded merchandise is a known issue but there doesn’t seem to be a water tight measure to curb it.

What if there was full proof but a clean & novel approach for:


Creating frosted contracts, sealed forever and tamper-proof


Monitoring of products against theft & tampering through through supply chain integrated to payment mechanisms


Ability to trade in solar energy off-grid between buyer & seller in a remote island


Smart business contracts that are self executable based on occurrence of key events


Managing documents including contracts and certificates enriched via IOT sensors and valid in court


Technology-driven proof of ownership, proof of existence and proof of integrity


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Blockchain is emerging as a potentially disruptive force capable of transforming industries, like finance, legal, supply chain by making transactions faster, cheaper, secure and transparent in a trust-less open network.
— Qlikchain Research Team
Blockchain is widely prophesized as a force of equivalent impact as that of early days of commercial Internet. A crucial difference, however, is that while Internet enables the exchange of data, blockchain could enable exchange of value; that is, it could enable users to carry out trade and commerce across the globe without the need for intermediaries, custodians and reconciliation entities.
— Qlikchain Technical Advisory


Find out about our organization, mission, culture, and the work we are doing in Blockchain space and its associated hi-tech areas like IoT & Big Data.


Our Solutions

Find out about our Blockchain enabled solutions, for Lease and Licenses, Electronic Health Records, Supply Chain Transparency and Green Energy Distribution


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Our world is moving to a digital ecosystem at a frantic pace and we at Qlikchain, want to enable that journey of yours.