Current Situation

  • Property or any Asset valuation and assessment is based on inspections, the outcome of which are fed into traditional systems and database
  • Relies on a single point of failure and hence prone to compromise and tampering
  • Incorrect asset information leading to traceability issues, auditability and revenue leakage for Governments
  • Possibility of selling a property more than once due to insecure system of records which are prone to tampering of ownership data
  • Lengthy court proceedings for disputes since the historical data is refutable, not sacrosanct and prone to human error & tampering
  • Inefficient and slow processes for mortgage deed handling
QlikBooks_XS (2).png

QlikBooks is an Asset Register on Blockchain which certifies and maintains immutable documents and ledger entries. Through QlikBooks, any inspection of an asset, be it a property inspected by an assessor or a company verified by an investment banker for valuation, can be made secure, kept accessible only to a few stakeholders and provide audit trail of all the entries so that no wrongful methods are adopted for improper valuation of the asset.