Harnessing the power of Blockchain in Education Industry

Talent pool transparency and an authentic projection of a state’s skills inventory that could be verified on the go could be the foundation for attracting businesses and investments. Maintaining a secure and permanent registry of educational qualifications, certificates and degrees at an individual and aggregate level is a must for any state or country to be competitive.

Typically universities have been low when it comes to adopting technology aside from online learning. Educational institutes need a platform where they can issue certificates digitally, more importantly securely to individuals that is shareable and instantly verifiable by recruiters, higher educational institutes or govt. This is achievable via a shared peer to peer network based on Blockchain technology.

All the records will be cryptographically signed. Hence both the recipients and third parties can be entirely sure that a document is authentic and have not been altered since it has been issued.


Background verification is time consuming and inefficient as much of the information is not verifiable. This Blockchain system would eradicate the problem of fake certificates and dubious degree, thus building a trust based ecosystem between the students, universities, employers and recruiters.

At an individual level, an immutable and indestructible vault of skills and credentials that provides a multi-faceted projection of one’s talent will be created. A one of a kind verifiable dossier containing record and evidence of all learning and employment records. Each student can share his or her details through a proper KYC and give consent to share the necessary certificates to a verifier for authentication purpose. Hence, credibility of students in the eyes of recruiter and future employers would automatically rise.

A trust exchange between educational bodies also could be made available wherein portability of certificates is outright easy thus facilitating in a transparent admission process too. This should enhance placements and build a brand perpetuity with its borderless reach and infinite visibility.


From the recruitment standpoint, talent hunting should become much smoother with pin point searches of profiles that can drill down to specific verified accomplishments like exam scores, professional certifications etc. An easy method of showcasing the whole talent journey of an individual starting from school to higher education to professional life.

In the projection of this transparent Talent Spectrum for a state or country, ideally, the trust deficit should be bridged. Even external enablers like Banks and Government get a transparent risk assessment while disbursing Loans, Scholarships & Stipends. An undisputed trust habitat thus forms which would enable India to lead the way to building a talent platform that promotes ethical sourcing while retaining the authenticity of professional claims.