Reliable Certification and Verification using Blockchain

In a rapidly changing environment such as ours, where the job market is constantly evolving with its own dynamics, entering and sustaining in the job market becomes a tremendous challenge. Skill sets that used to be relevant and in demand few years ago becomes outdated in the present day. As a result, job-seekers need to continually improve themselves and keep abreast with latest trends.

Moreover, in recent times, a person is likely to change jobs frequently with an average tenure of 2.8 years, as per reports. With this ever-expanding career profile, it becomes difficult for recruiters to perform background verification of all individuals against all provided details to verify the legitimacy of information.

According to HireRight’s 2017 employment screening program, 85 percent of employers caught applicants fibbing on their resumes or applications, up from just 66 percent five years ago. These inconsistencies come in varying proportion ranging from exaggeration in skill sets, modifying roles in projects to even producing fake certificates.

At the end of the day, organisations incur huge costs as well as time by engaging in background verifications. Not every company can employ such means, sometimes due to monetary and at other times due to time constraints. As a result, falsifications of claims do go unnoticed, depriving deserving candidates from the right opportunities.

Along with the current dilution of resumes, another growing concern is the production of doctored professional as well as academic certificates. With easy availability of internet, it becomes too easy to procure them. At the same time, there is no tell-tale way to compare the value of different certifications from various institutions all over the world.

This is exactly what our team at Qlikchain aims to resolve. With our product Talentchain, we plan to bring in clarity to the job market with the use of Blockchain technology and implementation of smart contracts. In a time where CVs and certifications forgery are creating havoc, our Talentchain platform offers a unique Talent passport which accurately incorporates and stores all educational details, be it academic or non-academic, while providing transparency, authenticity and easy transferability.

Talent Chain_Info.jpg

Talentchain is a platform wherein Universities and Institutes will be creating, maintaining and issuing digital certificates on the Blockchain for students. Every individual will have their very own tamper proof and trusted certificate vault. Corporates and recruiters can easily check for authenticity of an individual after getting the necessary permission for verification from this trust habitat.

With Talentchain, we thus dream of a world where from issuing to storing to sharing to validation of certificates will be a seamless, transparent and more importantly, a secure process.