Smartillions and IOMDC appoint Qlikchain to provide blockchain integration services for clinical trials

Smartillions and the International Organisation for Medical Data Compliance (IOMDC) have entered into an agreement with Qlikchain to provide blockchain integration services to Contract Research Organisations (CROs) for clinical trial management.

Smartillions and Qlikchain adopted blockchain from a business process and industry best practices perspective. The Life Sciences & Healthcare (LS&HC) team at Qlikchain is led by LS industry expert, Mr. Arup Ghosh, who will evaluate the existing IT infrastructure of CROs and provide a blockchain-based security infrastructure to store patient data on the IOMDC blockchain which will then return anonymised data from each trial.

“Patients can provide consent to have their personal information stored on the IOMDC blockchain which allows them to rely on a global safety standard for their data,” says Dr. Carlos Rizzo, Vice President of R&D for Smartillions. “It also allows CROs to eliminate their potential liability related to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and other international privacy regulations.”

In addition to privacy advantages, the IOMDC Blockchain increases patient participation in trials, covers regulatory requirements and quality control, provides better security than traditional database and cloud systems, and offers CROs independence from any IT vendor.

With over 12 years of IT experience in the Life Sciences domain and a specialisation in Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Data Management, Reporting and Laboratory Information Management, Mr. Ghosh will offer CROs seamless integration. He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and earned his MBA in 2006 before working in this field. Qlikchain's leadership team and its founder, Mr. Rangin Lahiri, also add extensive experience in the life sciences space -- gained through their work for many of the top pharmaceutical companies in large scale digital transformation programs in the Commercial & Data Analytics space.

About Smartillions and the International Organisation for Medical Data Compliance (IOMDC)

Smartillions administrates Health Tech Synergy Funds for institutional investors to create investment and business synergies between the most innovative health and medical technology companies. Smartillions also initiated a public-private partnership between government, insurance providers and clinical research organisations to reward people for living healthy by offering them FREE health smartwatches, smartphones and smartcomputers. Smartillions strives to create new career opportunities through education and initiatives that lead to improved health of society and more effective treatments for patients.

The International Organisation for Medical Data Compliance (IOMDC) connects patients with physicians, hospitals and Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) to achieve one goal: ensuring the highest quality clinical research worldwide. IOMDC initiated an immutable blockchain to manage people's health and medical data in an effort to securely share select information in real time with medical doctors, hospitals, CROs, research sites, regulators and health authorities while protecting the private data of consumers.

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